Part No EPS101A


The SAM e.p.s (Emergency Portable Suction) aspirator offers a new benchmark in battery operated suction equipment. This lightweight unit is ideal for use by emergency services and incorporates many features including a high performance low energy pump, fast suction build up, on board lighting and a unique rotating bottle system, allowing the unit to be laid flat in difficult terrain.


  • Simple single knob with vacuum settings for typical adult and paediatric medical procedures controls the unit
  • Bright, clear ‘easy-wipe’ digital display indicates the vacuum level and battery status
  • Straight forward operation even when wearing gloves or other protective equipment
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Specialist lightweight portable piston pump gives a maximum suction in excess of 600mm Hg and a flow rate above 32l/min
  • At low vacuum levels the pump is whisper quiet to give minimal disturbance to the patient
  • Fitted with an internal charger
  • The efficient pump and an innovative power management system give the e.p.s an extended battery life of over 2 hours at maximum power with a single charge and in excess of 11 hours at lower settings
  • Specifically designed following consultations with doctors, paramedics, resuscitation officers and other medical staff and is suitable for use in ambulances, general hospital wards, critical care units, clinics and out in the community
  • Supplied with an 1 Litre Autoclavable Jar