Automatic Change Over Valve - COVC Series

For automatic switching between two medical gas cylinders
to maximise use of gas contents in a safe and controlled way.
The COVC series Automatic Change Over Valve has a clear
display showing the pressure in each cylinder in Bar together
with a green bar graph representation, the pressure of the
ambulance pipeline in Bar, the cylinder in use, cylinder depleted
and visual warning. The unit has three switches, one on each
cylinder symbol to manually select the cylinder in use,
and a third to activate the mute when the warning is sounding.
When in use, if the pressure in cylinder 1 falls below a pre-set
value then the COVC Automatic Change Over Valve changes to
use cylinder 2 and a red LED remains lit to indicate the cylinder
has been depleted. If the second cylinder is depleted before
cylinder 1 has been replaced then the alarm sounds with a
visual warning to indicate action is required and the valve to
both cylinders is opened to use any remaining oxygen available.

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