F4504 Multi-Air Tester



Multi-Air Tester – Instrument for testing medical, surgical and breathing-air systems (HTM02-01, Pharmacopeia and EN12021) up to 10 bar. Built-in electronic dewpoint meter, electrochemical oxygen cell and digital flowmeter. Tests CO, CO2, NOX, SO2, H2S & Polytest using Draeger chemical reagent tubes and oil using the Impactor. Colour touch screen menu driven display and rechargeable batteries. The unit also has a battery tray which accommodates 6 AA alkaline type batteries. In the event that the rechargeable batteries are not sufficiently recharged then you can continue to use the instrument with either the alkaline batteries or a mains power supply. Built in memory, downloadable to PC safe-air tester results software. Supplied as standard in PELI carrying case, also provided with:

  • Duracell (AA) alkaline batteries.
  • Universal mains power adapter
  • USB tester results download cable
  • F2193 connection adaptor with CEJN plug
  • Tube tip cutter
  • Travel container
  • Operating Manual

Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg